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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pictures of Pascha

Amrita has been a very busy girl lately.... busting out multiple website make-overs as diligently as any web designer out there. In the process, she's been reviewing years and years worth of photos and stories that have been archived on Sweet Water Farm's "What's New" page.

I've spent hours pouring over photographs of Akhal-Tekes in Amrita's office. She has THOUSANDS. (From the distant past to the present day... of Akhal-Tekes all over the world!) Every once in while she still manages to procure images I have never seen before... or ones I am familiar with but can now admire with a different eye. I thought I'd share some (familiar) shots of a stallion previously owned by Sweet Water Farm: the late Pascha... whose metallic coat was nothing short of breathtaking!

Pascha's portraits are studies of sunlight on liquid gold.
And they don't do him justice.
An Akhal-Teke's sheen is extremely hard to capture on film.

(i.e. Pascha was even more stunning in real life!).

("Nez Perce Dreamer") 
El Line by Peitre ("Pieter") x Miranda (Gelishikli Line) 
1998 - 2010 

Pascha's Pedigree: 

A tribute to Pascha's sire, Pieter, owned by Shah' Zadeh Akhal-Tekes: 

1 comment:

Shannon Mayfield said...

I'm very sorry to hear that Pascha passed away. That's very sad.

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